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  • Simple, reliable, cost-effective
  • X single-axis or XY dual-axis
  • Travel distances: 1" (25mm) to 168" (4267mm)
  • 25 lb (11 kg) payload capacity
  • .01" (.25mm) repeatability
  • Precision timing belt with nylon bearings
  • Integral cable carrier
  • Drive with our C4/MD2 Motor Systems
See a Dual Axis System
Motor System sold separately


Our modular positioners are constructed with strong T-slotted aluminum rails, and designed to be simple to implement and easy to maintain. The nylon bearings and standardized timing belt drive provides the longevity and precision needed for most applications including dispensing, pick-and-place, and sensor positioning just to mention a few. The top plate is tapped with 10-32 holes to mount your tooling, and an integrated cable carrying system makes setup quick and tidy.

Drive tGlide positioners with a NEMA size 23 motor such as our MD2bc Motor Control System for a complete PC-based plug-and-go solution.

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X System
XY System
Cable Carrier
XY Components
Y-Axis Attachment
Motor Mount
L Mounting Bracket
Home/Limit Switch
XY Alignment


 Price Calculator

Pick your own configuration and travel distance to get price and lead-time.

tGlide Price Calculator
       X Single-Axis
       XY Dual-Axis


   X Travel:
   Y Travel:

   Motor Control System (MD2bc) :
       No     110VAC     220VAC


    Lead Time:



Minimum Travel 1" (25mm)
Maximum Travel 168" (4267mm)
Maximum Payload 25 lb (11 kg)
Maximum Speed 10" (250mm) per second with MD2bc Motor System *
Overall Length 17" (430mm) plus the travel distance
Accuracy .01" (.254mm) per ft (300mm)
Repeatability .01" (.254mm)
Resolution .002" (0.05mm) with MD2bc Motor System
Rotary to linear translation ratio .8" (20.32mm) travel per motor revolution

* Depends on payload, mounting orientation, etc.

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