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Programs from the Book:

Avoid typing mistakes by downloading these pre-tested programs that are listed in the book

To save a file to your computer, right-click on the file name and select "save target as", or "save link as".

golight.bs2 - Scans for light and moves the robot towards it
greet.bs2 - Uses the PIR sensor to detect and greet people
lalarm.bs2 - Activate an alarm based on light level
navrw.bs2 - Uses the front and rear whiskers to navigate
pest.bs2 - Make crazy randomized sound
rcontrol.bs2 - Control the robot with an RC receiver
renable.bs2 - Put the speech module into record mode
sleepy.bs2 - Uses the light sensor to control wake and sleep modes
snippets.bs2 - Useful code snippets
soundr.bs2 - Records 30 messages using the sound module
straight.bs2 - Utility to help straighten steering
subs.bs2 - Useful subroutines
test.bs2 - Tests ARobot functions
testhd.bs2 - Tests the head motor
testll.bs2 - Reads the light sensor and displays the results
testmd.bs2 - Tests the PIR motion detector
testrw.bs2 - Tests the rear whisker
testsm.bs2 - Tests the sound module
testt.bs2 - Tests the temperature sensor
tlog.bs2 - Logs temperature data
tsounds.bs2 - Uses temperature to control sound
wander.bs2 - Makes ARobot wander using whiskers to detect objects