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  ARobot Mobile Robot

ARobot is a 3-wheeled, programmable mobile robot featured in Robot Building for Dummies. The book walks you through construction, introduces programming, then shows you how to do several projects to add functions including a temperature sensor, light sensor, motion detector, speech synthesizer, and remote video.

ARobot uses the Basic Stamp II controller as the brain which can be purchased as a separate item, or along with ARobot in a package deal. See the order form for information.

Unlike many other robots on the market, ARobot is constructed using a metal chassis - not plastic or wood. The drive motor is a powerful DC gearmotor with an optical encoder, not a modified RC servomotor with plastic gears. Unique rear-wheel steering allows ARobot to maneuver around your house easily and a special on-board coprocessor handles all the motor control so your Basic Stamp II can focus on performing the high-level tasks.

ARobot is very expandable and will never leave you bored!

ARobot Mobile Robot: $235.00
Basic Stamp II: $49.00
ARobot, Stamp, Stamp book, 'For Dummies' Book: $339
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