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 Automation Products
C4/MD2 Step Motor Systems
Automate easily with our plug-and-go step motor systems. Motors, power supply, drive electronics, controller and software - all designed to work together. Connects to a PC or any high-level controller with an RS-232 or USB port. Simple, Windows-based software lets you create complex motion sequences without programming. Custom programming is simple in any language on any platform using the example source code included. Two motor sizes are available offering different torque capacities.

X, XY Linear Positioners
Use our cost-effective linear positioners to automate pick-and-place operations, dispensing, cutting, drilling, and sensor positioning. Available in single axis (X) and dual axis (XY) configurations. Use our MD-2 step motor control systems to create a plug-and-go system. Select from standardized systems or our modular rail-based system. Combine with our Z-2 positioner to create a 3-axis system.

Rotary Positioner
The RT-12 rotary positioner provides precise rotary motion for automating tasks for factories and laboratories. Also useful for test fixtures, research projects and even camera positioning and media applications. Use with our MD-2a step motor system for complete control over the rotary motion.

Z-Axis Linear Positioner
The Z-2 offers 2" of precision linear travel perfect for a 3rd axis on an XY system. The lead-screw design works well against gravity or horizontally. Z-2 positioners can be stacked together to create small X, XY, XYZ systems and can be placed on top of the RT-12 rotary positioner. Use our MD-2a step motor system to provide intelligent position control for the Z-2.

3-Axis Robotic Workcells
By combining our XY positioner, Z-2 linear positioner, our MD-2 step motor control systems, and a gantry stand - a complete 3-axis robotic workcell can be created. Perfect for automation of lab processes, small parts assembly, pick-and-place operations, sensor positioning, despensing, and research projects. Easy to set up and cost-effective to use.

Pulley Reducers
The PR23 pulley reducer offers a way to improve the performance of our belt-driven positioners. When used with our MD-2 step motor systems, the PR23 increase torque, increase resolution, and decrease vibration and noise. Speed may also be increased to due to better usage of the motor's torque curve. The PR23 is compatible with any NEMA size #23 step or servo motor.

Sources for Automation Accessories and Componets

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