Experimental Robotic Platform. by James Vroman

Design Goal:

The ARibit is based on the ARobot kit from ARRICK ROBOTICS
My goal is to see how far I can take this chassis and
I will be keeping this page updated as the robot develops.
Some of the planned features are as follows:
These will be implemented with PIC microcontrollers as co-processors on the buss.
Source code and schematics will be posting as each co-processor is completed.
I feel that the co-processor subsystem approach will make the initial complexity
more manageable by being able to test on a subsystem level and also reduce
the complexity of the main control code by off loading the details to the
Check out the pictures below to see how it is developing.
MORE TO COME......................

Initial chassis and and arm installation

PIR housings mounted and upper platforms installed
Battery tray installed - I am presently redoing the battery
tray to add more room for the line following circuitry.
Live and Learn.........

Arm assembly and mascot

James Vroman is a Technical sales and support representative
for TechTools and an active member of the Dallas Personal
Robotics Group. James has been involved in Electronics for
over 15 years and can be reached at