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 ARobot Mobile Robot
for Experimenters and Educators

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Your path to the wonderful world of robotics
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* Features
* Basic Stamp II
* Uses
* What You'll Get
* What You'll Need
* Expandable
* 'For Dummies' Book
* Deck Expansion
* Expansion Kit
* Specifications
* Programming Book
* Pricing and Ordering ***
ARobot Mobile Robot

The ARobot (pronounced "A robot") is a computer controlled mobile robot designed for Experimenters and Educators. Ages 14 and up (younger with help) can enjoy unlimited experimentation by programming the on-board Basic Stamp II control computer. Learn about computer programming, motion control, sensors, path planning, object avoidance, and more. Easily assembled in a few hours using common hand tools (no soldering required). Connect ARobot to your personal computer for programming and begin your adventure.

You won't find a more powerful, expandable, programmable robot for the money!

 Features       To Top      
The most feature-packed robot in its class!

  • Rugged aluminum frame (no plastic or wood)
  • Dual front whisker sensors
  • Rear wheel steering servo motor
  • Front wheel DC gear drive motor
  • Optical wheel encoder for distance measurement
  • On-board coprocessor handles all motor control
  • Controllable Red and Green LED's
  • Sound output transducer
  • Two user defined push button switches
  • 3 User-defined RC servo control ports
  • Serial communications port
  • Expansion connector
  • Socket to accept a Basic Stamp II controller chip
  • Dimensions: 10" x 10", 5" tall, 2-1/4 lbs
  • Runs on 8 AA-cell batteries for 5 hours or more

 Basic Stamp II       To Top      
ARobot's programmable brain

The Basic Stamp II is a small, self-contained computer controller manufactured by Parallax Inc. This easy-to-use system is programmed using a Basic-like language called PBasic. Programs are written on a Windows PC then downloaded to the Basic Stamp II for execution. Large libraries of programs can be created and saved.

ARobot's controller board accepts the Basic Stamp II (purchased separately) which controls motors, LED's, buzzer, and other devices. The Parallax Web site provides complete information about the Basic Stamp II including the programming manual.

See the Basic Stamp II installed on ARobot's controller board.



 Uses       To Top      
Never let yourself be limited by a list like this!

  • Robotics education
  • Artificial life experiments
  • Science projects
  • Navigation research
  • Maze solving
  • Security
  • Robot contests
  • Publicity
  • Fun! Fun! Fun!

 What you get       To Top      
Order the ARobot-P1 kit and get ARobot, the Basic Stamp, and the books

  • Quality aluminum robot body and frame components
  • Controller circuit board - completely assembled and tested
  • Wheels, drive motors, steering motors, encoder, cables
  • Programming editor/downloader and example programs
  • Construction and user guide
  • Technical support via web site and email

 What you need       To Top      
ARobot can be built and programmed by almost anyone!

  • Common handtools - screwdriver and pliers
  • Your choice of spray paint (if desired)
  • Personal computer running Windows and a serial port
  • Common understanding of computer usage
  • Moderate understanding of Basic programming or a willingness to learn
  • 8 AA batteries. (over 5 hours of continuous run time)
  • Basic Stamp II programming information -available free on the net, or purchase the book
  • Internet connection for getting the latest information and software
  • A never-ending desire to experiment and play with robots!

Construction normally takes about 3 hours. - or more for exotic paint jobs!

 Expandable       To Top      
ARobot can be expanded beyond belief!

ARobot's controller board has the ability to control 3 additional RC (Remote Control) servo motors which are commonly available at hobby stores for less than $20 each. These motors can be used to create a small robot arm or a moving head. The body contains openings to mount 2 of these RC servo motors.

The controller board also provides a connector to power a small DC motor like the one used as the drive motor. This connector can also be used to control other high-power devices such as a light or horn.

An expansion connector is provided to allow the user to add many special devices. Access to all of the Basic Stamp's I/O signals is provided and unused pins can be wired as needed.

Additional circuit boards can be stacked on top of ARobot's main controller board. Mounting holes and dimensions are the same as the prototype boards (RS Catalog #276-170) and breadboards (RS Catalog #276-174) found at Radio Shack. This makes expansion easier and cheaper.

See our project page for ideas such as using a sonar range finder and interfacing to a smoke alarm.

Endless possibilities prevent boredom!

The expansion port offers:
  • All Basic Stamp I/O signals
  • Coprocessor network signal
  • 3 standard RC servo motor signals
  • Access to coprocessor network bus
  • User defined signals
  • Standard 40 pin flat ribbon cable
  • Other signals can be wired by user
                Possible devices include:
  • Additional whiskers
  • Sonar range finder
  • Smoke detector
  • Light sensors
  • Digital compass
  • Tilt sensors
  • IR communications

 Technical Specifications       To Top      
The details you've been looking for.
  • Frame: .062 aluminum - cut, punched, and formed
  • Configuration: 3-wheel, front wheel drive, rear wheel steer
  • Dimensions: 10" x 10", 5" tall, 2-1/4 lbs
  • Payload capacity: 3 lbs
  • Wheel size: 3.25" diameter
  • Drive Motor: 12 volt DC gear motor, 1.6 amp max
  • Quality machined wheel coupling and bearings
  • Optical wheel encoder for distance measurement
  • Encoder: 20 counts per revolution - 2 per inch of travel
  • Motor driver: H bridge - 1 amp max
  • Speed control: Pulse Width Modulation
  • Controller PCB size: 2.1" x 6"
  • Steering Motor: Standard size RC servo motor
  • Power source: 8-AA cells in removable pack
  • Runs on 8 AA-cell batteries for 5 hours or more
  • Current draw: 50ma at standstill, 200ma with motor running
  • Coprocessor: PIC16F84 for motor control
  • Expansion connector - 40 pin (2x20) IDC .1 centers
  • See the Schematic
  • See the PC board component placement

 Robot Building for Dummies       To Top      
Add Video, Speech, and Sensors to your ARobot!

For the tinkerer in all of us - Robot Building for Dummies gives you a solid understanding of robotics with a decidedly hands-on method. The book takes you through building ARobot then expanding it by adding speech, video, motion sensor, temperature sensor, and remote control.

Click on the book image to go to our special website for this book.

 Deck, Hinges, Brackets, Hubcaps       To Top      
Expand by adding a Hinged Deck and Sensor Brackets

Double your expansion area by adding this upper deck. Hinges allow easy access to the lower level. Hole patterns on the deck allow for convenient mounting of brackets, pan/tilt units, grippers, and perf boards. Two sensor brackets are provided which can be mounted at various places around the deck. Hole patterns on the brackets are designed to accept common sensors such as the Sharp IR sensor and the Devantech sonar. Two metal hubcaps are provided which can be painted to match your favorite color scheme.

See how the Deck Hinges

Solid, all-metal construction - no cheap plastic. Ready to paint to match your ARobot.

List of Parts included:

  • 1) Metal Deck
  • 1) Hinges and Mounting Hardware
  • 2) Sensor Brackets
  • 2) Hubcaps

 Expansion Kit       To Top      
Components for use with Robot Building for Dummies

This expansion kit provides parts needed to build some of the expansion projects for ARobot described in 'Robot Building for Dummies' including the temperature sensor, light sensor, motion detector, and movable head.

List of Parts included:

  • 1) Expansion cable & Connector
  • 1) Head perf board
  • 1) RC servo motor for head
  • 1) PIR motion sensor
  • 1) Expansion perf board
  • 1) Light sensor
  • 1) Temperature sensor
  • 2) Capacitor, .1uf
  • 2) Resistor, 220ohm
  • 2) Spacers and screws for mounting servo motor
  • 4) Spacers for mounting expansion perf board

 Basic Stamp II Programming Book       To Top      
Learn how to program the Basic Stamp II

Learn all about programming the Basic Stamp II controller using the PBasic Language. Easy to read and understand with plenty of examples and experiments. Get this book if you're new to Stamp programming.

 Pricing and Ordering       To Top      

  Order Now  

   Part # Picture Description Price
  AROBOT-P1 Picture ARobot, Basic Stamp II, Stamp Programming Book, Dummies Book $339.00
  AROBOT Picture ARobot Mobile Robot (No Basic Stamp or books) $235.00
  BSII Picture Basic Stamp II Controller $49.00
  BSIIE Picture Basic Stamp IIE Controller (8 times the memory as BSII) $53.00
  RBFD Picture Book - Robot Building For Dummies $21.00
  BSIIBOOK Picture Book - Basic Stamp Programming $34.00
  AROBOT-DECK Picture ARobot Deck, Brackets, Hubcaps $58.00
  AROBOT-E Picture Expansion Kit with Sensors, Parts $55.00
  998 Picture USB to serial converter (if you don't have a serial port) $19.00

Batteries not included. (8) AA required

Free rear whisker kit offer

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