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 ARobot Customers

Tom Mitchell's ARobot
See Tom's ARobot

Michael Perry's ARobot
See Michael Perry's ARobot

GoodFriday Robotics ARobot with WebCAM and Telepresence
See GoodFriday's ARobot

Old Yeller by Michael Owings
See Michael's highly modified ARobot with multiple decks, a new battery system, and an X10 video camera system.

Alex's RC Controlled ARobot with Video
See Alex's ARobot with a video camera, video transmitter, and RC control system.

Jeff and Matthew Kinsman's ARobot
Jeff and Matthew Kinsman's ARobot.

Alexandra's ARobot at Magee College
Click here to see Alexandra's ARobot and an interactive web page with live video!

Wanda Thrift's ARobot at School
Wanda's School ARobot

ARobots at Vanderbilt University
Click here to see their ARobot

Bob Swift's Teaches with ARobots
See Bob Swift's ARobot.

Roger's totally suped up ARobot - 501c
Click here to see an ARobot maxed out!

Robert Jordan
Click here to see Robot Jordan's Custom ARobot Paint Job

Southwest MS Community College
We took some pictures during early construction with a 35mm camera but Wal-Mart messed them up and we had to back up and take some more with a polaroid. I scanned these and saved them in jpg format and they are attached with this e-mail. We have not named the robot as yet but we are leaning toward "REDNECK ROBOT" since the students who constructed it claim to be rednecks. That is why they painted it red. We are beginning to expand on the sample programs that came with the software program. The only complete program we have written is one that will allow the robot to go approximately 5 to 6 feet and turn left 90 degrees, then go another 5 to 6 feet and turn right 90 degrees, and then repeat this process.

Future Plans:
With the assistance of our Technical Director at SMCC (Dr. Michael Walker), we plan to place the robot on the Robotics web page here at SMCC, whereby anyone can log on and control the robot. We plan to have a camera onboard the robot and another that will overlook the table that the robot is on, of course you will be able to switch between the two views, go forward, backward, left, and right. We have seen what you did with the 501c and we hope to add speech synthesis to our robot as funding becomes available.

Students involved with this project are:

  • David L. Whitehead
  • Daniel Martin
  • Rusty Moak
Daniel Elliot is a student in the Electrical Technology Program. He just showed what a ham he is by getting his mug in one of the pictures. The instructor for this fun and games is Hank Krone.

James Vroman ARobot (ARibit)

The ARibit is based on the ARobot kit from ARRICK ROBOTICS My goal is to see how far I can take this chassis and I will be keeping this page updated as the robot develops. Some of the planned features are as follows:

  • 4 sonar units for ranging and can detection and collection
  • PIR motion detection
  • 2 Robotic arms (2 axis)
  • Speech synthesis
  • Dinsmore compass
  • Smoke detector tone detection
  • IR remote control
  • Line following sensors
  • Fire detection and extinguisher system
  • IR proximity and ranging
  • Mechanical collision detection
  • Frog sound effects
  • Keypad entry
  • LCD display
See James Vroman's ARibit Web Page.

Andy Allen's ARobot

See Andy's ARobot Web Page.

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