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 ARobot Software


Here's the software you need for ARobot.
These are the same programs provided in the ARobot package.


Basic Stamp Editor

    The first thing you need is the Basic Stamp Editor.
    The editor allows you to write programs for ARobot on your PC, then download them to ARobot for execution.

    The latest version of the Basic Stamp editor is available from the Parallax website at http://www.parallax.com
    Parallax is the maker of the Basic Stamp controller.

    Click on the SUPPORT menu
    Click Basic Stamp Software
    Then select the Basic Stamp Editor to download


ARobot Utility and Example Programs

    Arrick Robotics also provides several example programs.
    Use these programs to test your ARobot, and as a starting point for your own custom programs.
    To use these programs, open them using the Basic Stamp Editor and upload them to ARobot for execution.

    You can get these files onto your computer by
    clicking the file name then choosing SAVE PAGE AS from the file menu of your web browser,
    or by right-clicking them and selecting SAVE LINK AS.

    TEST.BS2 - Tests various functions of ARobot
    STRAIGHT.BS2 - Utility to help adjust ARobot's steering linkage
    WANDER.BS2 - Makes ARobot wander around and respond to whisker switches


That's all you need to get started with ARobot!

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