Alex's RC controlled ARobot with Video

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                        Hello! My name is Alex. With help from my dad and Aaron, I've got a cool ARobot. It is remote controlled by an RC system normally used on model airplanes. The joysticks on the remote control allow me to go forward, reverse, turn left, turn right, and move the head left and right. On the head is mounted a small black and white camera which goes to a small video transmitter. A video receiver picks up the video signal and show it on our TV. The system works pretty good inside my house and outside to about 100 feet.

I like to use my robot to bump into my brother's bedroom door and make him mad!

You can download the program here


Here is full view

Here's a close up of the camera



Here's a close up of the RC Receiver

Here's the video transmitter and antenna



Rear view

This picture shows the cool paint job



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